Can I link Gift Cards to a Customer's Account?

Please Note: If you want to link Gift Cards to a customer's account via email or phone number (we recommend using either email or phone number per customer not both) you have to first make sure those customers are preliminarily imported into your store.

*If those customers already exist in your store then you can skip this step entirely. The app will not create customers, so you'll first need to use the Customer CSV to import all of the customers you want to link Gift Cards to first. Then run the app after they are successfully imported. 

After importing the Gift Cards those connected customers will get an email or SMS letting them know that a new gift card was created for them in your store.

The email notification will look like this: 

The SMS notification will look like this: 

**If you add email and phone number than the customer will get both notifications. 

You can edit the look and feel of these messages by going the backend of Shopify hitting Settings --> Notifications --> Gift Card Created: 

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