Square Gift Cards: How do I migrate these over to Shopify?

We get a lot of questions about Square Gift Card migrations. Luckily, we’ve done a lot of Square-to-Shopify migrations so if you're struggling with this concern, we've got you! 

Unfortunately, Square won't give you the proper Gift Card export you need without contacting support and saying that you are leaving:

For ease of reference here's their support number: Square Support

What you need to do:

  1. Call Square Support and request an export of your Gift Card PAN Values
    1. *Please Note: The Gift Card Token is not the Gift Card Codes you need. Moreover, be careful because the Pan Suffix you can export by yourself which is the last 4 digits of the codes you need but you need the remaining 12 digits to import into Shopify. 
    2. You'll have to tell Square that you're in fact leaving Square and then they'll give you access to the needed report. Here's how you'll know it's enabled: 
      1. You'll go into Reports --> Gift Cards
      2. Then you'll see a new Export option for Gift Card Numbers CSV this is report you need. 
  2. Once you have your Gift Card Codes, list them in Column A of the Selling Point csv, with the title: Code
  3. Ensure your export is in dollars, not cents. If the export is in cents, divide the value column by 100 to get the dollar value.
    1. In excel that would look like this "=50050/100" which would equate to 500.50. So that's what you'd put in your Gift Card balance and Gift Card initial value columns. 
Important considerations:
  1. Remember the Pan Suffix that you can import yourself will only show 4 digits by default. This is not what you want, you need the Gift Card Codes.
    1. If you're looking at your Square backend Square calls the column you need the Gift Card PAN value. If you ask Square support for the Gift Card PAN value then they should have no issue presenting you with an export. 

    Some platforms make it hard to migrate off of them. However, if you contact Square Support they should be required to give you the information you’re requesting.

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