Square Gift Cards: How do I migrate these over to Shopify?

We get a lot of questions around Square Gift Card migrations and luckily we've done a huge amount of Square migrations it's one of the major companies we have people move over to Shopify from so you're in good company.

The problem is Square won't give you the proper Gift Card export you need without contacting support and saying that you are leaving:
For ease of reference here's their support number: Square Support

You'd have to ask them for the the Gift Card Codes as an Export. The Gift Card Token they give you on Square is a unique ID they use to reference the gift cards in their system that's not the actual code.

The Pan Suffix you can also export by yourself which is the last 4 digits of the codes you need but you need the remaining 12 digits to import into Shopify. In Square they call this column the Gift Card PAN value. If you ask Square support for the Gift Card PAN then they should have no issue presenting you with an export. 

Platforms sometimes make it a bit difficult to leave them so they'll put obstacles in your way. However, if you contact support they will be forced to give you what you need! What you need is the Gift Card codes that the customers would see.

So when you get the Gift Card code from Square that will go in Column A of our CSV:  Code

*One note we've had quite a few merchants get the Gift Card export in cents instead by dollar amount  in that case all you'd have to do is divide the cents by 100. In excel that would look like this "=50050/100" which would equate to 500.50. So that's what you'd put in your Gift Card balance and Gift Card initial value columns. 

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