Can I Import Store Credits into Shopify?

Yes, you can! We've done this for huge retailers and small start ups alike. Here are the steps: 

  1. Get your Store Credit CSV ready. Note: You'll want to have a customer email or a customer phone number to ensure you can let the customer know that a new store credit has been created on Shopify for them! (see below)
  2. Again, you normally won't have codes here, but you'll have the customer name/email or phone number and maybe you even have some notes on the date/reason the Store Credit was offered. 
  3. You'd have to use our Gift Card CSV to format the CSV you can find our Gift Cards CSV Template here.  

    Initially you Store Credit CSV will look like this: 

  4. Now, if your Store Credits already have codes great, you can add them to the code column and skip step 5
  5. If you don't have codes now starts the fun part. Gift Cards need a code associated with so if you don't have any codes associated with your Store Credits then you can make them up.
    Please Note: *The code has to be a minimum of 8 characters, up to a maximum of 20 characters. *This is a Shopify restriction not an app restriction.
  6. Create a code that is easy to remember or associated with your store. I'm going to use  SELLINGPOINTSC1 that's the name of my app SC for Store Credit and a 1 to differentiate the codes from one another then I'm going to fill that down the sheet.
  7. Once you're done it will look like this: 
  8. Now you can import this file into Selling Point and all of the Store Credits --> Will be migrated as Gift Cards in Shopify.
  9. After importing the Gift Cards those connected customers will get an email or SMS letting them know that a new gift card was created for them in your store.

    The email notification will look like this: 

    The SMS notification will look like this: 

    **If you add email and phone number than the customer will get both notifications. 

    You can edit the look and feel of these messages by going the backend of Shopify hitting Settings --> Notifications --> Gift Card Created: 

  10. Congratulations you've now imported all of you Store Credits into Shopify using Selling Point now get selling. 

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